A full understanding of your cats needs can prevent problems before they develop. Ask us about diet, home enrichment, normal feline behavior, vaccination protocols and neutering.

Preventative medicine starts with the kitten.We can advise you on vaccination and parasite control .We will recommend the best time for surgical neutering or spaying.As your adult cat ages ,we may suggest annual blood tests  or 6 monthly checkups. Ask us about age specific preventative care.

Cats are masters at masking their illnesses from us. It is important to learn the subtle clues they may give out. Watch and learn their normal daily , eating , sleeping and toileting routines.Any changes to their normal behavior are worth noting.

We can help you investigate and treat where appropriate.No question is too small or silly to ask.We appreciate it when you video the episodes you are concerned about whether it’s a cough or an unusual posture , the images are invaluable to us. After we complete a physical examination , we have in house clinical pathology ,microscopy and  digital imaging to assist us reach a diagnosis.

Feline friendly handling , stress free anaesthetic inductions and optimal pain relief strategies ensure we remove the fear when surgical procedures are required.Our senior nursing staff are highly trained in anaesthetic monitoring and recovery.

Good oral health is key to longevity. Conversely painful dental conditions can seriously affect appetite and quality of life.With the help of digital dental radiography, accurate dental charting, and specially selected feline dental equipment  we can provide optimal oral care for your cats.

Our digital radiography unit allows us to have high resolution images within a few minutes. Cases requiring gastrointestinal contrast studies or contrast cystography are performed in house.

Ultrasonography can be used for visualisation and when required ultrasound-guided aspirates or biopsies. This may avoid the need for exploratory surgery.

Small diameter endoscopy allows us to examine the nasopharynx and choanae in detail and take endoscopic biopsies. This is a common site for chronic inflammatory conditions and neoplasia in the cat.

Safe and painless , MLS (multiwave locked system) laser therapy is ideal for treating osteoarthritis ,muscular sprains and strains , stomatitis/gingivitis ,and to assist with wound healing. The anti-inflammatory effects combined with an improvement in local blood circulation promote healing and reduce pain.

It is a stress free , non invasive way of improving quality of life in our senior patients.

Our Doctors will make the initial assessment and treatment plan , our veterinary nursing team can then arrange follow up care in the clinic or at your home.

Thanks to better nutrition and advances in our understanding of aging our companion cats are living longer.

Arthritis , hypertension , cognitive disorders , visual and hearing impairment need to be recognosed and managed.

Our nursing staff can help you with a number of home care techniques ,to minimise trips to the clinic. We can help with ways to alter the home environment. An older cat may require a different litter tray to the one he or she used when younger . Ramps , carpeting of slippery flooring and other modifications can improve access around the home.

Kidney disease (also called  renal insufficiency) is one of the most common complaints in older cats . When properly managed and controlled patients can enjoy several years  of good quality life.

We offer first opinion services in ophthalmology , dermatology , endocrinology , gastroenterology , infectious disease , nephrology , oncology , cardiology , neonatology , toxicology ,urology , reproductive health , immunology , behaviour and more.

A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating news. Recent advances in Oncology allow us to offer significant hope for some conditions.

Quality of life can be maintained and survival times extended considerably.The doctors at Ninelives have extensive experience treating feline lymphoma.

We strive to minimise clinic visits and work with you to take the fear out of chemotherapy. Our focus is to alleviate pain , ensure adequate nutrition and avoid gastrointestinal upset.

We work closely with Oncology specialists overseas to provide you with the latest cancer medications and protocols.